Then The Tabled Laughed is a local multiplayer game about some dude in a room full of mimics. Think “Prop Hunt meets Red Light, Green Light”.

Play with your friends, from 2 to 12 players ! One mouse and keyboard only ! One player controls the human - the other players can spawn up to 11 mimics amongst the furniture, at any moment in game !

The human has three arrows to eliminate all the mimics : they only get refunded if a mimic is killed by the shot. He wins if all the spawned mimics are dead. But no more arrows, and he’s done for !

The mimics have to get close enough to the human to lunge and devour him. As in Red Light, Green Light, the human player has to close his eyes (in real life!) during the mimics’ turn : they can then move freely without being spotted. During the human’s turn, they can still move and try to eat the player, but at the expense of being seen. You get to choose whether safe or cocky is the best strategy ! Baiting tactics are killer though. All mimics win if the human is eaten - but the player who devoured him gets to play human next !


Human player :

Left click to go somewhere

Right click to shoot somewhere

Mimic player :

Arrows scheme to spawn a mimic and control it

Double-tap an arrow  to lunge towards the player


/!\ WARNING /!\

Keyboard ghosting prevents inputs from being detected if there are too many at once. We recommend you use a mechanical keyboard (the right option) or avoid playing with more than 5 mimic players at once. (the sad option)


Laura Nadal (Graphics) @mmem1m 

Noé Laquèche (Programming, Audio) @cocatrixdev

with love


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great game!,

some tips for improvement are randomizing the layout and/or change some of the props so that the player would have a harder time figuring out where the mimics are.